the Labor (business) movement in Leb and the Arab world

thanks to a friend, you can see in the pictures below construction on a work site workers in the City of Beirut.


they are doing risky construction work (laugh) in a university campus (don’t laugh) in the Hamra area. and as you can notice, there is not one professional safety measure taken (no helmets, no gloves, no strings attached….etc.)

more, this site in particular, faces the regional headquarter of the International Labor Organization- ILO. and as I know, and many of you does as well, tens of thousands of dollars has been spent over the past 3 decades to pay for consultants, trainers and UN wages and admin cost, to promote occupational safety, specially for construction workers.


one international union that I know, spent in the last 10 years, in Lebanon alone, hundred of thousands of dollars for this purpose, not to mentions the existing (doing nothing at all) local (dinos) unions.

the least to say, ya 3eib…or shame…or as my grandfather to my mother use to say: “الشوم عليكم وعللّي خلّفكن”… addressing the university, the ILO, the international and the local trade unions,  of course.