making it real

yes indeed, and I would add naive to benign: “…, …. climate change? too benign of a word…”

Green Resistance (teaching, organizing, and eco-thinking)

In the time that I’d stepped away from this blog (due to a variety of reasons), the wordpress creators seem to have changed the structure through which we – the bloggers – can update our respective pages.

so this particular blog post is an attempt to see if i can understand this new structure.

too bad that the political and economic structures under which we struggle and organize and resist have not changed.  rather, they have intensified.

but i digress.

let me begin by sharing an article

…. climate change? too benign of a word – As George Monbiot writes about the latest IPCC report:

What the report describes, in its dry, meticulous language, is the collapse of the benign climate in which humans evolved and have prospered, and the loss of the conditions upon which many other lifeforms depend. Climate change and global warming are inadequate terms for what…

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