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Source: World Water Day 2017: 60 powerful photos to make you think twice about leaving the tap running

See how the multi-trillion dollar pie of the global economy gets divided between countries, based on the latest data from the World Bank from February 2017.

Source: The $74 Trillion Global Economy in One Chart

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أفستا: الكتاب المقدس للديانة الزرادشتية – خليل عبد الرحمن – المكتبة العامة.

Lebanon Matters » Archive » GUARDIAN: Beirut death of Nepalese migrant worker Lila – video.

رجلٌ سعيدٌ يرغب في البكاء! بقلم: زياد خدّاش.

تقريباً كما أشعر منذ فترة !

almost exactly how I feel, for  a while now!