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As-Safir Arabic Political Daily

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أوضاع اللاجئين عام 2016: 93% يواجهون خطر انعدام الأمن الغذائي | الأخبار

نسبة الأسر التي تقترض المال أو التي تتكبد ديوناً ارتفعت إلى 90% (مروان بو حيدر)

Source: أوضاع اللاجئين عام 2016: 93% يواجهون خطر انعدام الأمن الغذائي | الأخبار

a reading قراءة

فيما يلي الحلقة الأولى من قراءة   مجلة  foreign affairs العدد الأخير (تموز/ آب 2016). أهمية العدد أنه أولاً خصّ ملفه الأساسي باسرائيل تحت عنوان : “الصراع من أجل اسرائيل”. والأهمية الثانية أنه قام بمقابلات مع مفاتيخ وأصحاب قرار أساسيين هم على التوالي: وزيرة العدل الحالية واسمها أيالات شاكد، ووزيرة الخارجية السابقة وزعيمة المعراضة الحالية، تسيبي ليفني؛ والسيد ألوف بن رئيس تحرير صحيفة هأرتز. بالإضافة إلى مقالات وتحليلات من شخصيات عاملة في مراكز أبحاث ومراكز جامعية ومراكز ضغط أساسية في اسرائيل وفي  الولايات المتحدة الأميركية.

فيما يلي ملخص من مقابلة وزيرة العدل الحالية Ayelet Shaked، يليها لاحقاً ملخصات عن المقابلات والمقالات الأخرى.

Ayelet Shaked is a relative newcomer to Israeli politics. Shaked, 40, served as Benjamin Netanyahu’s office manager before breaking with the prime minister and joining Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home Party in 2012 and then winning election to the Knesset in 2013.

Following the 2015 election, Shaked was named Israel’s minister of Justice.

On the Terror Bill:

“…, the terror bill…, it gives the Shabak [Israel’s internal security service, also known as the Shin Bet] and the police new tools to fight terror. For example, it allows them, in specific circumstances, to prohibit a suspect from seeing a lawyer for 21 days. Things like that.”

On the NGO’s transparency bill:

“…, why? Because some countries have found a way to interfere in the internal affairs of Israel – not through diplomacy but by funding specific NGO’s that serve their ideology.”

On the Two States Solution:

“it’s just not realistic. All the countries around us are collapsing, and there is a huge battle in the Middle East between the Shia and the Sunnis, and there are terror organizations all over. Israel really is like a villa in the Jungle. And the situation in Judea and Samaria for the Palestinians – OK, it’s not perfect, but it’s OK. They are living their lives; they are selecting their leaders. The situation could be far worse that it is now.

Second, I believe in the historic right of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.

On the BDS [Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions] movement:

“…, and I expect the American administration to fight the BDS movement on university campuses.israel-palestine_map_19225_2469

بمناسبة 9 آذار

Post Traumatic syndrome of Ottoman Emire defeat and dissolution (1923)

أعراض ما بعد صدمة ما بعد صدمة هزيمة وانحلال الامبراطورية العثمانية (1923)

العنوان أعلاه يفسّر جزئياً ما يحصل حالياً في منطقتنا.

وهنا بعض الروابط المساعدة

اتفاقية تقسيم المنطقة العربية بين بريطاني وفرنسا : http://alnoha.com/read/saykspeko.htm

The Origins of the World War I Agreement That Carved Up the Middle East:




The First Cold War | Foreign Affairs

كم يشبه ما يحدث حالياً في المنطقة !

“…, From 1618 to 1648, the population of Germany fell by as much as 40 percent. Roughly four million people were killed in the wars between Catholic and Protestant princes; many others died of starvation or disease; still others fled their homes in search of safety. The misery was worst in the 1640s, when summer frosts and storms wiped out crops and soldiers nearly froze to death. Towns were ruined, currencies depreciated, and people made meals of grass. As Denmark, Sweden, and France were drawn into the conflict, it looked as if all of Europe had fallen into civil war…”

A new book by Geoffrey Parker examines how the Little Ice Age of the seventeenth century contributed to an era of war and upheaval. But it offers a blinkered view of the implications for current environmental policy.

Source: The First Cold War | Foreign Affairs

With the Saudis, the West Should Take No Prisoners | Human Rights Watch

At last, Saudi Arabia’s dismal human rights record is getting media scrutiny, thanks in part to news that Saudi authorities plan to lash 74-year-old Karl Andree, a British cancer survivor, 350 times for possessing homemade alcohol. Flogging in the kingdom entails a series of strikes with a wooden cane, with blows distributed across the back and legs, normally not breaking the skin but leaving bruises.

Source: With the Saudis, the West Should Take No Prisoners | Human Rights Watch

بين العصر والمغرب وليش البلد سايعو لإلو

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عشر مدارس من الروضة وحتى الثالث ثانوي، يا بلد الحمص واللحم بعجين.

(وهيدي لسّه ما عدّيت الجامعات!) … وقمح