Khakis and Maoists

here is an exempt from a book am reading now. the book’s name is: “A case of Exploding Mangoes”, by Mohammed Hanif., Vintage books, London 2009.

the hero, an air force cadet, is thrown in jail being accused with plotting to kill General Zia’ of Pakistan.

in there, he met with another prisoner, and here is a part of the dialogue that took place, which reminds me of our |Arab leftist groups dialogues/ discussions:

“what id you do?

‘have you heard of the All Pakistan Sweepers Union?’ I can tell from the pride in his voice that he expects me to know it, but I don’t, because I have no interest in the politics of this profession, if cleaning the gutters can be called a profession at all.

‘of course. the body that represents the janitors,’

‘I am the Secretary General,’ he says, as if that explains everything, from the Mughal architecture of this dungeon to his irrational hatred for his fellow countrymen in uniform.

‘so what did you do? Not clean the gutters properly?’

he ignores my joke and says in a grave tone, ‘they have charged me with plotting to kill General Zia.’

that makes to of us then, I should say, but I cant really trust this guy. what if he is one of those moles planted by Major Kiyani to gain my confidence? But Major Kiyani’s men would no have either the imagination or the stomach to play the part of a sweepers’ union member.

‘were you plotting to kill him? how were you going to do it?’

‘our central committee sent an invitation to General Zia to inaugurate National Cleanliness Week. I was opposed to inviting him because his coup d’état was a historic setback for the workers’ struggle against the nationalist bourgeoisie. it’s all on record. you can read my objections in the minutes of the meeting. the intelligence agencies infiltrated our union, our Maoist friends betrayed us and formed a parallel central committee and invited General Zia. then his security people found a bomb in the gutter that he was supposed to sweep to inaugurate Cleanliness Week. look at how the fauji minds work. I was the one opposed to inviting him. I didn’t want him anywhere near our gutters and who was the first person your people arrested? Me?


تعليقاً على مقال جهاد بزي في صحيفة السفير اليوم، …

As-Safir Newspaper – جهاد بزي : «اليسـار الديموقـراطي».. إلـى حـراك أكـثر شـبابـاً.

ما زلت غير متفائلاً. وليد فخر الدين هو استمرار لنهج الياس عطا الله، وقد يكون أسوأ كونه لا يتمتع بخبرة الأخير السياسية (على الأقل، ومع تحفّظ).

ووجود عمر حرقوص، على أهميته، ليس مؤشر اطمئنان بالضرورة في تحقيق التوازن، خاصة وأنه محكوم باعتبارات عديدة.

بالإضافة إلى ذلك، فإن حدوث تغيير في الفكر واللغة/ الخطاب ليس كافياً، على أهميته، بل كيفية الممارسة ونوعيتها وحجمها أيضاً.

وكل يسار وأنتم بخير. (مع المحبة لجميع من وردت أسمائهم)

على فكرة، حدن شاف الاتحاد العمالي العام (لأصحابه نبيه بري، وليد جنبلاط، الحريري فاميلي، ويمكن يمكن يمكن ميشال سليمان والميقاتي)؟؟