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“>>>, He is a man free of morals. As has been demonstrated hundreds of times, he is a liar, a racist and a cheat. I feel ashamed to use these words, as sharp and loud as they are. But if they apply to anyone, they apply to Trump. >>”

Source: Donald Trump Is a Menace to the World: Opinion – SPIEGEL ONLINE


According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, there are at least five creepy things the FCC regulations would have made illegal. But thanks to the Senate, ISPs can now continue doing these things as much as they want, and it will probably be years before we can do anything to stop them.

  1. Sell your browsing history to basically any corporation or government that wants to buy it
  2. Hijack your searches and share them with third parties
  3. Monitor all your traffic by injecting their own malware-filled ads into the websites you visit
  4. Stuff undetectable, un-deletable tracking cookies into all of your non-encrypted traffic
  5. Pre-install software on phones that will monitor all traffic — even HTTPS traffic — before it gets encrypted. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have already done this with some Android phones.>>>”

Source: How to get a personal VPN and why you need one now — Quartz

“>>> اقتربت منه بلطفٍ خبيث وقالت له: «سيدي، هل لي أن أعرف ماذا فعلت لتستحق الدعوة إلى العشاء؟».
رد مايلز دايفس: «لقد غيَّرتُ مسار الموسيقى خمس أو ستّ مرّات… وأنت، ما فعلتِ غير أنك ضاجعتِ الرئيس؟».

Source: الحلقة ٩٣ | الأخبار


فكرة عمّا هو آت… تخبّوا منيح

Newt Gingrich talks about President Obama’s legacy on Monday night’s edition of Hannity: SEAN HANNITY: Here’s a reality and I want you to tell me if you agree with it. Because he didn’t respect the constitution, separation of powers, co-equal branches of the government, ruled by executive fiat, Donald Trump is going to spend the first few hours of his presidency or at least that first week eliminating I would argue 75% of Obama’s agenda. Then you repeal Obamacare, and you replace Obamacare. That’s enough 10% And the only thing we are stuck with is his doubling the debt or accumulating more debt than every president before him combined and the horrible judicial appointments. Tell me if I’m wrong, it’s going to be like, I think is going to have a very hard time dealing with this, it’ll be like he was never there. Fair? NEWT GINGRICH: There is a very funny interview where somebody talked about, ask him, his advice to President-elect Trump was to do more things through legislation because it’s harder to turn around. And I think it’s kind of like he finally figured out the joke which is all this easy stuff he did with executive orders is easily turned around with executive orders. And you’re right, I described him as an incredible shrinking man, it’s like watching air come out of a balloon. Between now and Easter, his legacy will shrink until it’s about the size of a golf ball.

Source: Gingrich: Obama’s Legacy Will Shrink Until It’s The Size Of A Golf Ball | Video | RealClearPolitics

“…، مِن «مكر التاريخ» (بكلّ الأسى) أن يكون للأميركي بيارد دودج شارع باسمه في بيروت، ثمّ لا يكون لابن هذه البلاد، لأنطون سعاده، ساحة باسمه على مساحة هذه البلاد.”

رئيس الجامعة الأميركية «جاسوساً» عند المخابرات الفرنسية واللبنانية في سجن الرمل

Source: وثائق تحكي قصة الكشف عن أنطون سعاده وحزبه | الأخبار

Just finished reading a book: “the Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian“, a Novel by Sherman Alexie; Little, Brown and Company, New York, 2009.

the story presents an inside look of the daily life challenges of Native Americans in what is called “rez” or “reservation”, which is a twist of what is in reality closer to a “concentration camp”. A must read definitely.

I will share quotes in a series of posts, and here is the first part:

“…, I draw all the time. I draw cartoons of my mother and father; my sister and grandmother; my best friend, Rowdy; and everybody else on the rez. I draw because words are too unpredictable. \i draw because words are too limited. If you speak and writer in English, or Spanish, or Chinese, or any other language, then only a certain percentage of human beings will get your meaning. but when you draw a picture, everybody can understand it. if I draw a cartoon of a flower, then every man, woman and child in the world can look at it and say, “that’s a flower.”…”



People have lost their sense of security, status and even identity. Trump’s victory is the scream of an America desperate for radical change

Source: It was the Democrats’ embrace of neoliberalism that caused this disaster | Naomi Klein | Opinion | The Guardian